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Transmedia Storytelling

Woven Thread

Limerick's LullabyDanni Petrilak and Jes Burke
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Lyrics by Danni Petrilak

Vocals by Jes Burke

Woven Thread

     "Woven Thread is a multimedia dark fantasy tale stemming from the Norns of Norse Mythology. Under this belief, it is said that each creature born into the world is given a thread of destiny that is woven into creation, guiding them on their journey through life. Limerick, a wendigo-like forest druid, wants the power coursing through the thread and will do anything to get it.

     Using dramatizations of my own phobias, Woven Thread, spins first-person tales of many lives that are cut short along Limerick’s rise to power. Fear is the easiest manipulator, and Limerick uses that to his advantage. As he lures his victims into the woods with his Lullaby, Limerick diverts them from their intended path and harvests the magic from the dying thread that he pulls from their bodies to add to his collection.

Presented in a hand-crafted leather book, Limerick’s story, and the story of those unfortunate enough to cross paths with him, is compiled in the physical form of Limerick’s spellbook which he uses to find his victims." 

Deep Thaw


The Storyteller
Transmedia Storytelling

The Storyteller was a transmedia storytelling project in which I created a fictional serial killer located in Burlington Vermont in the 1960s. His MO was people with tattoos, as he believed they tainted the skin of human beings crafted in the image of Jesus Christ and God. This scrapbook is his collection of work, and he is submitting it to art galleries around the world.

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