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Darkfire Chronicles

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What is Darkfire?

Darkfire Chronicles is a podcast years in the making. It combines a love for all things spooky, and an exploration into the origins of where these ideas surfaced. These haunting narratives are inspired by the macabre, the supernatural, the deepest corners of human fears...and are sometimes based on true events. 

With each new release, listeners are treated to an audio drama; a tall tale crafted by your host, Danni Petrilak. They can test their knowledge and guess the inspiration behind each story before delving deeper into the episode's background and origins in a researched companion piece.

Traditional Library

Danni Petrilak

Creator, Writer, Story Editor, Audio Editor


Sam Johnson

Vocal Support, Assistant Editor, Supporter


Wonton "BingDings" 

Professional Entity and Mischief Manager

Our Team.

Brick Fireplace

Written Episodes

Dark Rocks

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