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Writing & Editing Services

Reading a Book

$0.015 per word

I'll help to refine and improve the structure and content of your manuscript. This broad, manuscript-long review includes:

  • Character Development & Dialogue: what makes the character tick? I'll analyze character motivation, development arcs, and relationships to ensure they resonate authentically. Do their voices sound unique? What about quirks? Flaws? Each fictional character develops a personality, and it needs to be showcased! There's nothing worse than a flat, underdeveloped character.

  • Voice & Style: every author has a unique voice, and it's my job to ensure it stands out. I'll work closely with you to refine your style and maintain consistency throughout the manuscript for tone, flow, tense, and point of view.

  • Target Audience, Themes & Genre: It's important to ensure your writing and themes are tailored for the appropriate target audience-- a Young Adult book can have different themes and situations than a Middle Grade Book, so let's make sure you're happy with your genre and age range!

  • Structural & Narrative Analysis: feedback on plot development, pacing, and the overall story arch. My goal is to enhance the coherence and impact of your ideas to ensure there aren't any plot holes!

You'll receive an in-depth editorial letter with details describing my thoughts on these topics and what I think could be improved or changed to build compelling chapters.

*Please keep in mind all of the changes I suggest are based off of personal experience through earning my degree, specific genre styles and common tropes, current writing trends, and industry standards. YOU ultimately decide if you like my changes or not. That's the beauty of writing your own story. 

Developmental Editing

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