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Published April, 2021 in Willard & Maple Volume XXII's digital and traditional publication. Written for a college project.

I saw beauty in the imperfections

Of the hands life dealt,

The countless folds and flushes

Seemingly given at random,

That nagging belief

That they’re given to the favorites

Because even life has a favorite

And it’s obvious when it’s not you.

While some are dealt the easy hands

And simply make the choice to stay,

Others have to fight for it

Strategize their next move,

Pray for the ace of hearts but

Get that six of spades

What do you do

When your backs against the wall

When the only hope,

The only chance,

Is beating life at its own game

Each card a year, each suit a decade

We can only hold so many until

We bust

Because only the best few hit blackjack,

And even then,

It's only luck

But no amount of hits or holds can slow

The dealer down

For time doesn’t exist inside the casino of the universe

Inside thoughts and memories

Of the good and

Bad moments

Of every single card that flips

Face up against the table

Hit me.

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